Monday, January 3, 2011

Brew of the Week: Samuel Smith's India Ale

I'm not usually a fan of India Pale Ales.  IPA's are usually quite hoppy, and I'm much more into the smooth malt flavor.  So I didn't go into tasting the Samuel Smith's India Ale with much expectation.  Sam Smith makes fine beers all the way around, for sure, but IPA's just aren't my cup of...well, beer...

This one, though, took me by surprise.  The nose is quite malty - atypical for an IPA - with just slight citrus notes, and even a bit of apple scent..  And on first taste, the malt is very forward on the tongue.  The hops show up on the finish, but they never really get bitter.  They balance out the malt very nicely and make for a dry but still smooth finish.

Samuel Smith's beers are some of the more expensive imports you'll find in the store, but this one is well worth splurging on.  Cheers!

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