Thursday, December 30, 2010

31 Days, 31 Brews, 31 Cues: Days 29 and 30 - Scary Good...

Spent the night of the 29th at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado.  The Stanley is the hotel that served as Stephen King's inspiration for The Shining.  It's not nearly as scary a hotel as the legends would have you believe, although it is rich with stories, and there well could be something going on there.  In any event, it's been an inspiration for some good beer.

Wednesday's Brew:  Estes Park Brewery - The Shining Pale Ale
Estes Park Brewery brews a couple of beers that are available exclusively at the Stanley Hotel.  One of those is The Shining Pale Ale.  The bottle sports a creepy label, but the beer inside is anything but.

I'm not usually a fan of pale ales, but this one has a bit more malt flavor and is a bit more smooth than most, and I really enjoyed it.  It starts with a great flavor and finishes nice.  Not like the movie...which just finishes disturbing.  :)

Thursday's Brew:  Anderson Valley Brewing Company - Summer Solstice Cerveza Crema
Found this one in the bottom of the 'fridge.  With all the winter beers I've been trying this season, I forgot about this one, purchased in the late fall.  What a hidden treasure.  I actually think this beer works better as a fall/winter beer than a summer brew.  Very creamy on the front, and finishes with a smooth, malty warmness. A very nice beer.

Wednesday's Cue:  Little Big Town - Kiss Goodbye
It's a crying shame that Little Big Town's 2007 disc, A Place To Land, didn't meet with the same platinum success as its predecessor, because it's a far superior album.  But LBT kept the quality coming with 2010's The Reason Why.  Another great country-crossover effort.  Kiss Goodbye is my favorite track from the disc.

Thursday's Cue: Waking Ashland - October Skies
The sad part about discovering new music is that sometimes you don't stumble upon a really good band until after they've broken up. Such is the case for me with Waking Ashland. They never got much press, and never really "made it," and broke up in 2007. But look them up on You Tube or Grooveshark. They made some great indie-pop during their brief time together.


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