Thursday, December 30, 2010

31 Days, 31 Brews, 31 Cues: Days 27 and 28 -

It's been a couple of unremarkable days of beer.  Yeah, it happens.

Monday's Brew:  Coors Light
Wait.  Don't leave.  There's an explanation.

Went to a local karaoke bar  (or, rather, a local dive with karaoke).
Me:  Are there were any beer specials tonight?
Server: Yep. Coors an Coors Light.
Me:  Um, ok.  What all do you have on tap?
Server:  Coors and Coors Light.
Me:  Ok, then, Coors Light it is......

You know, it's beer.  Wet, cold, golden color.  It's also low alcohol and fizzy as soda pop, so you can have a couple while singing and not get "forgetful" enough to not know the lyrics....or the song.

Tuesday's Brew:  Saranac Brewing - Lake Effect Lager
On the way to yet another family holiday gathering, I picked up a winter-mix 12-pack from Saranac, since it was on sale and I was intrigued by the choices.  First out of the box, I tried the Lake Effect Lager.  While it does have more distinct flavor that some lagers, I can't say it's particularly memorable.  It's not as smooth as I would have expected, and is actually a bit more hoppy than many lagers I've tried.  For me , it finished much more like a pale ale than a lager.  Not bad, but not what I expected out of a lager.

Monday's Cue:  Tonic - If You Could Only See
Had to add this song today.  It's several years old - but the first big song from Tonic, a band that had a few modest hits.  Their lead singer, Emerson Hart, is a fantastic songwriter and has a great solo album called Cigarrettes and Gasoline.  Check it out.  This song is a favorite because it's a karaoke song that I can actually sing (see the above Coors Light entry...).

Tuesday's Cue: The Weepies - When You Go Away
The Weepies are, hands down, one of my favorite bands of the 2000's. Great indie pop with heartfelt lyrics and more hooks than a tackle box. Their 2010 effort, Be My Thrill, is in my top 10 of the year.


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