Sunday, November 15, 2009

Depressing football...but great beer.

It's always depressing when the excitement and anticipation of a new NFL season gives way to the stark realization that your favorite teams are, at best, mediocre.

Such was my day today, as I toiled with light housework trying to get my mind off the fact that the Broncos and Cowboys were reaching new heights of "ugh" with their performances.

But the pain eased considerably when I cracked open a great beer tonight. I've had it before, but didn't remember it's simple pleasures until now.

It's called Pandora's Bock, a seasonal from Breckenridge Brewery in the ski town of Breckenridge, Colorado. It's got the traditional maltiness and full mouth-feel of a bock; but with it a nice, subtle hopiness and a smooth sweetness on the finish. I was looking for a good, drinkable fall/winter beer to pair with the snowy weather here in the Rockies today, and Pandora's Bock fits the bill just perfectly. Warms you up without feeling too heavy.

Now, if the Broncos and Cowboys would just show up to play...all would be perfect...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Session, and the Junkies

Tonight's beer: Session Lager - Full Sail Brewing Company. A session lager is defined, according to the Beer Advocate website, as "Any beer that contains no higher than 5 percent ABV, featuring a balance between malt and hop characters (ingredients) and, typically, a clean finish - a combination of which creates a beer with high drinkability."

Full Sail's Session Lager is aptly named: It's easy summertime drinking, not overbearing alcohol-wise, but full of flavor. It's a great beer for a night under the stars...lit up by the gentle glow of the fire-pit or the bbq grill....

Song of the night: Cowboys Junkies - Angel Mine

A great song from the "Lay It Down" album. Simple and sweet, a perfect pairing with tonight's beer. Enjoy!

Angel Mine - Cowboy Junkies

Monday, August 3, 2009

Tonight's goodies

Beer of the night: Agave Wheat by Breckenridge Brewing Company out of (you guessed it) Breckenridge, Colorado.

I usually don't pursue wheats - I'm not a fan of the cloves and bananas flavor of many of them. But I was sitting in Old Chicago...trying to decide what to have. I'm in the part of the World Beer Tour where I've had most of the ones I know I like. So it's not so much "what do I want" as "what do I need" to drink. Agave Wheat was my local OC's I gave it a shot.

And it was a pleasant surprise. It's a filtered wheat, so the fruity flavor is mostly absent. And this one is brewed with agave nectar; it's not noticeable until the finish, where it provides a nice smoothness and an oh-so-subtle hint of sweetness. Nice.

A fantastic summer beer. If you have Breckenridge beers in your area, find this one and enjoy.

Song of the night: Jet Black Sunrise by the Gin Blossoms.

Jet Black Sunrise - Gin Blossoms

The Gin Blossoms reformed a few years ago and put out a new album, "Major Lodge Victory." The album was barely promoted, and disappeared from view with little or no fanfare. Unfortunate, since this was the most cohesive collection of songs by the band since their break-through, "New Miserable Experience." This is just one of many fine tracks from that album. Enjoy!

Monday, July 27, 2009

A beer, a song and a great sunset

This summer here in the Rockies has brought plenty of rain. More than we've had in the last several years. But, as is typical for this area, many times the storms come through in the late afternoon/early evening then give way to cool nights and beautiful sunsets.

Such was the case tonight. A shot of the sunset:

The beer of the night tonight - a classic. Harp Lager. It's smooth and easy, but has a good amount of flavor. It's another of those beers that can subtly coax your non-craft beer friends away from their Buds and MGDs and over into the light. And it's simply perfect for an easy summer night.

Paired my beer of the night with some great music from Little Big Town. Their latest album, A Place to Land, sounds like a mash-up of the Dixie Chicks and Fleetwood Mac. And trust me, that's a good thing. This is easily one of the most talented bands, in any genre, to come around in several years. Check out this one, "That's Where I'll Be."

Thats Where Ill Be - Little Big Town

Monday, July 20, 2009

Song of the Day, 7/20/09

Today's song - a great tune by Vega4. Have to admit I'd never heard of them before this song surfaced in a movie I was watching called "Sex Drive." A 2000's take on the typical 80's teen comedy. Movie was ok at best...but this song is fantastic. Enjoy!

Life Is Beautiful - Vega4