Wednesday, December 5, 2007

OneRepublic...Thank you, Timbaland!

I had never heard of the band OneRepublic before I casually stumbled upon the latest album from Soul/R&B mega-producer Timbaland. On his latest album is a re-worked version of OneRepublic's Apologize. When I first heard the track, while I was doing something else entirely, it caught my attention. "This," I thought, "does not sound like an R&B track, except for the electronic background riff. This sounds like an Alt Pop song." And so it is.

The original version is on OneRepublic's only album, Dreaming Out Loud. The original is even better than the Timbaland remix, and it prompted me to listen to the whole album. It's not extraordinary or groundbreaking, but it's pleasant, affable alternative pop with some really good hooks. Definitely worth a spin, or several. A ProjectPlaylist selection is below. Dare you not to start singing along...